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Just trying this out


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This limerick thing sure looks like fun. But it's something that I've never done. If I wasn't so shy, I'd give it a try. But just the thought has my brain on the run.

But being one to not shirk my duty.

And certainly not wanting to seem snooty.

I'll give it a shot,

but it won't have much plot.

And what plot there is will be fruity.

"Welcome." says the stud with a grin.

"This is my house, want to come in?"

But if he's gay,

and wanting to play.

Be safe, don't play skin to skin.

:wink: :D

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Dorothy speaks Latin? Wow. Wish I did. But I guessed it from other things.

And now Dorothy's hanging out with Emperor Palpatine. Odd, very odd.

None of that rhymed.

It didn't pantomime.

If verse I wrote better,

You'd sing with each letter,

So I guess I'll just keep in time.


Now there is a guy in a Speedo.

Let it hang out is his credo.

But it hung out too far,

Too much time at the bar!

Both the girls and the boys gave a veto!

(Betcha didn't think I could make that one work very neato!)

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