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I've been an avid watcher of /bi/young-friends/ on Nifty for quite some time, and it just seems like it doesn't get that much attention from authors.

I've got plenty of ideas for great stories, but I really never get the motivation to sit down and type it all out. That might have to do with my ADHD though.

If anyone could direct me to any alternative story archives that have such content (13- in age girls and boys having awesome sex), my cock and I would be much appreciative. Also, if you have any specific stories to recommend, that'd be great too. I'm more interested in the carnal, steamy, sex stories, though, which seem to be hard to come by when you're also looking for the stories to be well written (on Nifty, at least).


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Uh, just how carnel and steamy can 13-year-olds be? How much staying power does a kid of that age have for it to become awesome sex?

But that's frivolous of me. I apologize. I can't help you in your search either, unfortuantely. I've never read a story like that.

It sounds like Nifty is the place to look, however.


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I agree with Cole. On my "Top 10 List of Gay Fiction Stereotypes," one of them is to have younger (12-14) participants who hump like bunnies and act like porno stars.

To me, real-life sex isn't life that. It's full of fumbling, missteps, fear, uncertainty, and guilt, and yet combined with a very real passion and affection. I concede that might not fulfill your fantasies, but I can only speak for myself. Everytime I read a story with underaged kids who seem to have very sophisticated sexual experience, from chapter 1 on, I just kinda wince. One reason is, if you start out at that level of intensity, there's no way to go up from there.

I think it makes more sense to start subtly, then increase the sexual activity over time. I also kinda wince when the kids are a little too young, but I concede that's personal taste. I've had 14-year-olds in my past stories, and have two 15-year-olds in my current novel, but any younger than that gives me pause. I also think the stories have to be more about feelings and emotion than they do with sex itself; the former goes on for months, while the latter is all over with in an hour (give or take).

I can say, for a fact, that I had some sexual experiences at that age (even as young at 11), but it didn't really get intense until about 15. Even then, I didn't go all-out until after I was 20. But I concede that life is different for different people.

What I know for sure is that when you experience real love and affection at 14 or 15, and that gets mixed in with sex, it can be the most intense, exhilarating, and yet frustrating thing of your entire life. I try to recreate moments like that in my stories, because I think that's what sticks with the reader -- long after the characters do the dirty deed.

If you're looking for fairly intense sexual content on Awesomedude, I'd check out Josh's work at this link. I think sometimes the sex scenes are a little over-the-top, but the emotional content of the stories is very real, and Josh is a good writer.

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