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News & Views - Memorial Day 2008


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Hi Gang... Dude is back again

It's been two months since I arrived in what's left of my homeland! Traumatic? You have no idea. But I'll start a blog to address all that.

Well it's been spotty doing News & Views because my schedule on Sundays is really hectic.. so I'll endeavor to post regularly on Saturdays and then do the News & Views here in the AD Forums at the same time. Please bear with me. I think it will work.

Speaking of the AD Forums, we have MAJOR news for you. We have a new AD Forums Czar! I've appointed Des of DesDownUnder to take control of the AD Forums to allow me the time I need to continue improving the AwesomeDude Site. He is the total boss of the AwesomeDude Forums and the buck, US, Canadian or Australian, stops at his desk. His henchmen, er... deputies will be The Pecman and James Savik. Together, they will continue to develop the AD Forums, appoint Moderators, settle disputes and make AD Forums an even more fun place to be than it is now. Is that possible?

Welcome, Des... here's the baton!

Well Altimexis has done it... he's picked a winner in his 'Gym Incident' Contest.. actually he's picked two. Be sure to check both out from the link at the very top of the AwesomeDude Home Page. They are both excellent!

OK.. on to new stuff.. I'm sure you've been following the stories as I've posted them.. but as of this date, here's what you can find new since last week:

New Novels

The Redemption by Rick Beck - This is a novella in 8 chapters and follows on to Rick's extremely popular The Farm Hand.

New Short Stories

Fate and Fortune III by Ruwen Rouhs

The Photograph by Bruin Fisher

New Serial Novel Chapters

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Alex Parts 7-9

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 20

Splash In The Pool by Jack Scribe - Chapters 9 & 10

Love in a Chair by Altimexis - Chapter 22

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Starting Shortstop Chapter 6

Coming Soon: A new serial novel by Duncan Ryder... watch for it next weekend!

Let me say thank you to all the kind people who've written the dude during the past few months with words of encouragement. Some times a little encouragement makes all the difference in the world.

I'm delighted to announce that DaBeagle site, will continue in it's fine tradition with more new stories by DaBeagle himself and by other authors. We encourage you to visit it soon and often. A link to it is on the AwesomeDude Home Page under the heading of Awesome Sites.

Remember to let your authors know how much you appreciate them.. the only pay they get is your thanks and encouragement... write your favorite author(s) today.

Have a safe and sound Memorial Day, all you yanks... and for the rest of the world... just put up with us!

Have a great week of reading!

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Thanks Dude,

I feel greatly honoured that Dude has appointed me to look after the AwesomeDude Forums and Blogs.

The Forums have been a source of great inspiration and pleasure not only for me but for most of our visitors and members at AwesomeDude.

My er...henchman -deputies, The Pecman and Jamessavik along with our band of Merry Moderators and I are dedicated to keeping the Forums as a safe, friendly and happy environment for all our readers, authors and contributors.

We have no major changes in mind, (why ruin a good thing?) Our objective is to ensure the continued support of our authors and providing you all with a Forum for your thoughts and discussions.

The Blogs will be enriched by The Dude's promised blog on his return home. We look forward to reading that.

Over time we will see some development of the Forums but it is our responsibility and promise to you all, to always keep them Awesome.

Once again my thanks to The Dude for this honour (er...honor.)

:Takes the baton from Dude, and wonders at its many uses: Awesome indeed. :wink:

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:Takes the baton from Dude, and wonders at its many uses: Awesome indeed. :wink:

Euch! You won't find anyone to pass that baton to, after you've tried out its many uses...

On a serious note, Thank you thank you thank you thank you to Des and cohorts for keeping these wonderful forums alive for us. The members are forever in your debt.


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