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A few months ago, as a writing exercise, I proposed constructing a poem, each writer building upon those lines that came before. There was no outline or theme, each writer was free to let their muse run wild.

I didn't really have any expectations other than sharing in the creation of something unique with some talented writers. And yet imagine my surprise as I watched this gem slowly take shape as each author spun their magic.

The finished product is a simple yet thought provoking piece that begs the question, Why Am I, and the most important question, what happens next. Not only did this exercise exceed all my expectations but it also taught me a few things about drafting poetry. So thanks to all of those that contributed to this poem and to Steven Keith for suggesting the title.

I hope everyone doesn't mind me taking the liberty to choose a title...I think everyone will be more than pleased.



By: Jason Rimbaud, DesDownUnder, Trab, Sat8997, Rustic Monk, Rad Steven, Camy, Steven Keith

Is there some other way out of here

Other than driven by our own fear

Maybe appeal, of those we hold dear

Self reliance abandoned, that much is clear

But am I leaving or running away

By not moving from where I stay

Faltering, each and every day

No, there must be another way

I must search out the reason why

More so now that I feel the end is nigh

Loneliness rules; I refuse to die

Without knowing, why am I?

If I step back and look for clues

Willing, as always, to pay my dues

What will I find, and what will I lose

If I am unwilling to choose

The end is nigh; a decision soon

By the half, quarter or full moon

Shall I wait till the Sun's high noon

Before I banish all thoughts of doom

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Until I read this I thought 'it'll never work'. Poetry is so personal and springs so often from the author's subconscious.

But here it is - the proof that my preconceptions were way wrong. This is wonderful and attractive poetry - written by a committee (alright, not quite a committee!).

Well done all of you! My flabber has seldom been quite so ghasted.


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