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Politically Incorrect!!!

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Internut Factions

Gooks and spooks and fags and drags and dykes and kykes,

Wetbacks and beaners,

Zionists and sons of Mohammad,

geeks and wieners,

Wasps and Catholics,

Drunks and junkies and mental flunkies:

All here and fighting it out on the net.

It's really too late to say no to hate

Cuz we all live too close together.

If we stay up all night on the internet and fight,

At least we won't nuke each other.

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I think you over-looked the left wing bleeding heart hippie do-gooders.

Also the anarchists, Right-wing ultraconservatives and my own personal 'favourite' under which Australia currently seems to be ruled, the Left wing reactionary authoritarian conservatives.

As for staying up on the Net, all night

It's just as easy to avoid a fight,

By talking dirty,

Instead of getting shirty.

Because Love can make things right. :bunny:

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I can remember seeing a bumper sticker in LA in the 1980s:

"Nuke the unborn gay whales!"

I think the idea was to see how un-P.C. they could get in one sentence. Maybe they should've added the N-word somewhere...

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