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The Muscle by Amy Lane

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This is the second book in the Long Con series. I am praying that there are more to come. You really should not like they characters, they are a group of thieves, con-men and mercenaries, but you cannot help falling in love with them and their Robin Hood attitude to life. In this book she takes the characters we got to know in The Mastermind forward, to a new adventure, helping out an elderly dance master. I don't intend to give any of the plot away.

There are times when I feel that there is something seriously odd about Amy Lane's writing. I have come to the opinion that when she sitting there doing her knitting, actually what she is doing is forming knot spells to imbued her writing. Have been held by a serious fascination spell all day today as I read The Muscle, the second book in the Long Con series. Started it shortly after nine and finished it at nineteen twenty. A fantastic book, well written which will fascinate you from the start to the end. You have been warned. This book must be imbued with the fascination spell she generated during her knitting. Can't wait for the hardcopy version to come out, I intend to get it to join the hardcopy version of The Mastermind on my shelf, though I will probably continue to read them on my Kindle.

If you have not read The Mastermind I suggest you do, before you read The Muscle. Whatever you do read them. They are well worth it.


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10 hours ago, Rutabaga said:

Glad you had a palate cleanser before getting back to work on you-know-what!


I'm still working on it. Have about ten chapters left to write, but they are probably going to be the most difficult.

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22 hours ago, Rutabaga said:

I'm just giving you a hard time.  Let your subconscious mind wrestle with the tricky problems while you're doing other things!


The thing is when I am on call, I can't write. I can though sit and read. 

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