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The Second Stonewall. Five Days of Protests in California

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  • 2 weeks later...

There have been many protest against prop 8 since it passed even one started that night.

although this is off topic, Wanda Skyes came out last weekend (she's a comedian if you didn't know). from a speech she did against prop 8 in Nevada.

this is from a blog, if this is inappropriate please edit it.

Gays fight back =)

I guess I should explain this before you watch it:

A group of religious extremists met to pray in the Castro district regularly, to pray for the gays to not be gay, essentially. This particular group spent 40 days praying in San Diego for the passage of Prop 8. So when they went to pray this time, in San Fran, they were met with a bunch of very angry homos. No one was hurt or attacked, though they said they were splashed with hot coffee (oh well if it's true.) The cops showed up and escorted them home, and also created a blockade to keep the gays from following them home.

Awesome, in my opinion.

I'm glad to see gay people finally saying they aren't going to take it laying down, no lube, anymore. =) In all seriousness, f**k yea though. They make a very good point, if you don't like gay people don't go into the Castro district of San Fran to pray against them. Simple as that. You f**ked up Mormons, you f**ked up Catholics that supported Prop 8. You've awoken sleeping queens.

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