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The room where you write

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Bwaah Ha Ha Hah! :sad:

I guess I have a very disturbed mind. My office corner in my bedroom at home (where I do most of my writing, since I don't have time to do it when I'm at school anymore) is neat. The only thing that's not neat are my bookcases, and that's because I have way too many books; they're doubled up, stacked on one another, crammed into every little space that I can find. I either need to get rid of a lot of my old computer and school books, or get a couple large new bookcases. Our dorm room's very neat; it has to be otherwise we'd never find anything. It's too small, not enough storage, the desks are too small... typical university dorm room. Let that be a warning to those reading this who will be heading to university or college in the near future: resist the urge to take very much with you. You won't have room for it, so give it up right up front.

Colin :icon_geek:

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