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Cole Parker

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I hope no one will be upset if I take liberties and include a film in this area of the forum. I wasn't sure where else to put this; videos seemed the closest.

I went to see Australia today. It wasn't what I expected. Somehow, I' had the impression it was a travelogue cum history of Australia with a minor storyline to go with it. It wasn't that at all, but instead a movie that was all plot and romance and adventure and with strong characters and really good and really bad guys.

I thought it was great. I think some reviewers have been lukewarm about it, but I disagree. I'm glad I saw it.

I kept looking for Des and Graeme in the background, but don't think I saw them. although there was this one really old guy. . . .

Oh, and I thought the kid stole the picutre. But then, I usually think that.


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Local reactions to Australia, vary considerably. Some love it, some can't stand Nicole Kidman, so they generally don't like the movie either.

I haven't seen it as I don't get a lot of time to go out to the movies. There is little doubt, the director, Baz Luhrmann wanted to create a Gone With the Wind style sweeping epic. Given the Australian 'tall poppy syndrome' it seems likely that he was never going to get a unanimous appreciation of his film.

I am pleased you found something to like about it Cole. Nearly everyone has praised the kid. I will probably have to wait for the preview for the DVD to arrive in my video store before I see it.

A local film-maker took my photo the other day to enter in a photographic portrait competition. He sent me a copy of the photo. I think he got my photo mixed up with someone else because this guy in the portrait looks so old it couldn't possibly be me...could it?


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I probably won't get around to seeing it. Our tastes in movies is a little different at the moment, as witnessed by the two we've seen in the last week -- Bolt (in 3D) and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa :hehe:

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