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Reaching Out


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This kind of situations is very un-Dutch and because of that strange to read.


Here in The Netherlands it is very unlikely to take someone into your house without letting police or family know what is happening to the boy, and where he is. You are getting in serious trouble by doing that.

When I started reading, the first thing I thought was "Oh no, not again. Man finds desperate runaway boy, takes him into his home and they live happily ever after."

By introducing the boyfriend, things are taking a different turn. A very interesting one!

Like it so far, added it to my favorites!

Thanx Trab!

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I just found this forum, thanks to Colin. :icon_twisted:

Thanks for posting this and Stand By Me, Bart. I appreciate it. :icon6:

Thanks Oliver. I don't imagine you get too many blizzards over there. :wub:

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