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  1. Oliver

    AD on Hiatus

    See you soon, Mike!
  2. Nice collage of short story-cul-de-sac's, Cole, 5 feel-good's! Must agree to Merkin, "Recovery" screems for a sequel.... 🙂
  3. That was a good ending. Quick and sudden, but good. Thank you, Cole!
  4. Well, you succeded. 🙂 Please do not be mad if I will try that technique in one of my stories, sometimes.
  5. What I find disturbing about the multiple first-person narration is that Cole is capable of misuse that to pull a cliff hanger over the next chapter to the one after that. Make that annoying. I want to know about the interview between Robin and Daryl! Well done Cole, really well done. I like what you do here. I am using the word "annoying" with joy! 🙂
  6. It sure is! I hope it will develop wit the same level of witty humour in it.
  7. In the case of Cole's stories: I like to be hooked. 🙂
  8. That what I like about narrators in Cole's stories. They got a witty way of fixing things. And they got humour. As does Cole. Thanks again for a new wunderful story, Cole!
  9. Thank you Cole, I love stories that end happy!
  10. And I know exactly how that will be, when Cole wrote it. Well written list of starters and main courts. Dessert: "You'll see...." 😋
  11. You're bad. 🙂 But the same here. Strangely enough I love it when people hate me for that. 😀 I like where your story is going. Storywise. Hate my fear for what Ricco is up to though. Thanks a lot, Cole!
  12. You're absolutely right, Cole! While reading i sometimes forget the time it plays in, but the anxiety in those years about "being a homosexual" gets you when you realise the story plays in the 1950's.
  13. Very sad news. Wish you all the strenght you need Addym, and to all that were near.
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