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Those Rowdy Australians. . . .

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OMG! It looked like the last time I beat my brother at croquet at the last family reunion. My side of the family is so passive compared to my brother's side that we only threw 3 chairs while his side threw not only 6 chairs, but the 2 tables as well. Oh man was he excited. But you should see him when he really gets mad. His kid BIT my kid! But it's okay though. We all have our rabies shots up to date.

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Now that isn't as strange as it may seem to non-croquet players. Croquet is a game to be taken seriously. A lot of thought, planning and strategy goes into every shot, and frustration levels can rise as shots go astray and the other team employs evil measures and luck against you.

Though I will admit, even with the tensions that are part of the game, I've never been in a match where tables were thrown and people were bitten.

You guys obviously know how to play it better than we did.


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Very un-Australian behaviour. I heard the comment about how the police squashed things before they went any further.... How could they! Fights are an Australian tradition! Especially when it's been opposing ethnic groups.....

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