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Matthew Shepard dishonored!

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Virginia Foxx has just taken my anger to a whole new level.

As Paul says, the sad thing is many people actually believe what she says.

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As my partner would say, "she's a bitch with a capital C."

This is as bad and insanely ignorant as the morons who insist that the Holocaust didn't happen.

Somebody explain to me why you would torture a robbery victim and then turn them into a human scarecrow. Why not just kill them instantly? Makes no sense to just leave them to die, because then they could always identify you. (On the other hand, you can argue since when do robbers have any common sense...)

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We discussed the "drug deal gone bad" theory on Digg.

Shepard was 100 pounds soaking wet and the killers were two big rednecks. How bad could the drug deal go?

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