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Logins demanded to get a job.

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Job applicants asked to cough up logins and passwords for Facebook, Myspace and YouTube

The City of Bozeman, which is located in the America state of Montana, is now apparantly requiring all budding employees to cough up passwords and logins of social networking sites whenever they go for a job in the city.

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Looks like they haven't asked for your AwesomeDude lo gin details...Yet.


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I think it may be borderline to reveal logins for those sites, but revealing passwords violates the policies of the sites, as well as being a major breech of privacy.

I wonder if this would survive a constitutional challenge?

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I believe in this case we should tell them the same thing the G-D- government has been telling us to justify their jack-booted thug police state:

Just Say No!

Employers already have background checks, resume fact checkers, private detectives, personal references and sometimes there is even a physical before you are covered by their health care insurance.

There has to be an end to it somewhere.

The next step is for them to stuff a microchip up our ass and run us by remote control 24/7 on and off the clock.

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