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I KNEW it.....

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LOL! :sneaky:

Seriously tho, those people who are adamant that BO couldn't be US President because he wasn't a 'natural-born' citizen are loonies... :hug:

Suppose he wasn't born in the US? But he's the child 'naturally born' by US citizen (his mom).

Of course I'm under the impression that US uses ius sanguinis (bloodline right) and ius soli (place-of-birth right).

My own cuntry for example (Indonesia) uses ius sanguinis and the citizenship of the father (assuming he is indentifiable of course)

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I love the address: 666 Harryhausen drive. LOL

In Australia, to get elected you have to prove you are related to the walking dead. Not to many have any difficulty with that. :hug:

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