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A Call to the Trevor Project Helpline


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"I just want to know, can you change? Is it possible? They say it is."

Adam's voice cracks just slightly at the end of each question, a sign of nervousness and also that his stated age of 16 is probably accurate.

Not a prank. Check.

I want to tell him that God loves him just as he is, that even if "change" were possible it wouldn't be necessary, that once he learns to understand himself he won't want to change anymore. Embrace the beautiful creation you are, Adam!

But he hasn't technically told me he's gay yet, and he has no reason to trust me if I told him all of that. We've only been on the phone for about 1.5 minutes. This is probably the first time he's dared to even ask this much. So instead I ask, "Who says that?"


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That's very cool. I know the lady who heads up the Trevor Project, and did some work for her not too long ago -- great person. The award-winning short film that the site has shown and sells on DVD (in addition to the help line) is very well done.

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Thank you E.J. for putting this up. I only recently became aware of The Trevor Project, and they are now at the top of my

contribution list. The desperate for protection and support of Gay teens is largely in the hands of organizations such as these,

as they are "invisible" to even those closest to them, and by the time "trouble" brings them to our attention, considerable damage

has been done, and helping becomes a more complicated and extended process. Sometimes money is the best us ordinary citizens

can do.

If anyone has other organizations they consider "good bang for the buck", I'd appreciate hearing of them. I am waiting for permission

to enlist my co-workers in this cause, which expands the power to have an effect considerably.


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Actor Daniel Radcliffe makes major donation to The Trevor Project

By 365gay Newscenter Staff

08.10.2009 11:42am EDT

Harry Potter loves the gays! Or more accurately, the actor who plays him does.

Daniel Radcliffe, the 20-year-old British actor who has risen to fame in recent years playing Harry Potter in the successful film series based on the best-selling novels, is an avid and generous supporter of gay causes, as evidenced by an announcement from The Trevor Project, the non-profit organization that operates the nationwide crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth. A spokesman for The Trevor Project revealed today that it has received a major donation from the critically-acclaimed star of the ?Harry Potter? film series and Broadway?s ?Equus.?

As a release issued today notes, ?the 20-year-old actor joined The Trevor Project?s Circle of Hope, a community of major donors which plays an essential role in providing the financial leadership that makes the organization?s lifesaving work possible.? No specific details were given regarding the amount of Radcliffe?s donation.

Read the rest HERE

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