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Coming Soon - The Summer Job

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Just sent to Mike. It will start posting soon.

This is something new for me. I'm sort of flexing my writing chops with this one.

You'll wonder what the heck, and then it'll grab you.

Hope you enjoy!

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21 hours ago, JamesSavik said:

...and then it'll grab you.

I hope it asks for consent, because otherwise, in these days of the lunatic 'woke', legal proceedings are bound to follow.

Personally, I can't wait to be ravaged by your prose. :icon_geek:

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A snip just for you Camy.


Lucky Charm was sixty feet long and looked fast sitting still with sharp lines. She was mostly white with red trim and a pugnacious looking green leprechaun painted on her stern.

Billy’s evaluation was, “That’s not a boat. That’s a little ship.”

Pops drove slowly by and said, “That’s our ride. We’ve got numerous options about where we can go and what we might do when we get there. One of our options is that I know a man who runs a resort on Palawan in the Philippines like the one we’re staying in. He offered me a job anytime I want it and, with Lucky Charm, we can run charters. It’s one of our options, and I think you will like it there. It gets many Australian tourists, and who doesn’t like Aussies?”




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