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Does Bill Gates now work for Apple??


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I always wait a nice long time before upgrading, something I learned when I was a PC operator, just like a lock my car doors whenever I get out, even to pump gas, although THAT was learned in Toronto.

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I haven't updated most of our home machines to Snow Leopard yet because we're waiting for Silicon Image to finish their eSATA drivers. I have too many eSATA Drives not to have this update.

I agree with Trab above: sometimes it's best to wait before upgrading any OS, just to make sure they shake all the bugs out.

The article goes into detail why the flaw isn't as widespread as you might think, is being worked on, and also reinforces the need for backups.

I've lost far, far more data to Windows than Mac OSX. (I seem to recall a single week where I had to reinstall Windows95 about 9 or 10 times.)

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I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard, and I can't upgrade to Logic Pro 9. Why? Because they are designed for Intel chips and my Mac doesn't have them. To continue with Mac you have to buy a new machine ... which is upsetting to say the least. :(

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I agree with you Camy, but earlier in the year my iMac went to the great big computer heaven somewhere up there, and I HAD to buy a new one. The repair cost was nearly the price of a new one (by about $200). Sadly, it was partly my own fault, as I had the computer sitting in hot temperatures doing hot work. I suppose it was partly theirs too though, because they shouldn't be designing them with a requirement for air conditioning. Anyway, it pissed me off when they went Intel, because I knew they would eventually concentrate only on the Intel machines.

On the other hand, I can't say that I've noticed any significant difference between the operation of this Intel based iMac and the former one. Except that it can handle the summer heat without blowing up. :)

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