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Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite fantasy authors. Considering he was first published (Elantris by TOR) in 2005 he has produced a huge amount of work - often several books a year.

The Stormlight Archives, Sanderson's epic fantasy, is designed to have two 5 book sequences. Presently, we're at number 4 of the first sequence - the first book being titled 'The Way Of Kings.' However, three years before he was published he wrote a first version of the book now titled 'The Way Of Kings Prime.'


The Way of Kings Prime was written in 2002 and is basically an alternate version of The Way of Kings, which was published by Tor Books in 2010. The Way of Kings Prime is very different from the officially published book from Tor. Think of it as set in a different universe with a completely different plot. If you haven’t read the 2010 canonical version, please read that one first before reading or listening to this book.

Sanderson has now released The Way Of Kings Prime, for free. Also, he has had it read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (who read all his other books), and that too is free.

The Way Of Kings Prime - epub, mobi & PDF

The Way Of Kings Prime - audio


Please be aware that this is a LARGE download. Be patient and download from a stable internet connection. Alternatively, you can listen to it in parts on YouTube.



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