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Bolg Dates Fixed

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We are pleased to announce that the problem with the blog dates has been fixed.

All thanks are due to our resident emu, Camy who found the patch to do this hidden in the depths of the IPB knowledge base.

Camy had to descend into the dark tomb of subterranean terror, facing uncertain dangers and unknown threats from shadowy figures of illusion and temptations of the dark side.

As he lowered himself into the abyss, he felt a chilled wind ruffle his feathers as it caressed his plumage.

Carefully he made his way through the underground caves of knowledge, sometimes getting his feet wet in the pools of misinformation left by those who had gone astray before him.

Voices called to him like sirens in the night, trying to deter him from his journey of discovery.

The voices offered him untold pleasures and delights but our Camy remained steadfast in his mission to find the answer to our needs.

Finally he found the inner sanctum of secret IPB patches, hidden in an ancient computer guarded by a fierce wall of fire.

Fortunately, Camy had the capacity to drench the firewall and retrieve the patch from its concealed folder.

When we confronted the IPB support team with the patch, they immediately applied it to our secret Awesome files and all is now as it should be.

So Camy returned to us safe and sound and is now to be awarded his woodchuck merit badge for underground activity.

Perhaps we can encourage him to write a song or a story about his adventure.

In any case Camy has won the prestigious Emu of the Year award (2010).


Camy, Our Awesome Hero.


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I must admit that a stalled date is horrible. Like a bad Groundhog Day. Praise be to Camy. I didn't really know Emus can also get their heads into holes in the ground, but obviously so. All hail Camy.

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