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Cole Parker

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Don't know. Don't Care. If someone needs to be a saint to be a politician, there would be no politicians at all. On the other hand, if he's acting like that he's probably got a blood sugar problem and should be checked out medically. An amazing amount of random violent acts are from people who would do well to cut out sugars from their diets.

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The last national leader I can remember who was generally known as a bully was Kruschev. Anyone have any other information on this? Is it a political ploy by his adversaries to label him such, or is their and element of truth in the claim?


My opinion on this is complicated. There seems to be a reverse reaction in traditional left wing politics.

It's as if they slept through ethics and missed the class on self-awareness, not to mention compassion.

I can think of a number of Australian politicians who were bullies and we are inundated with them and their inflated egos, at the moment.

There seems to be a reaction at two levels.

1. The influence of the methodology of the so-called 'war on terror' as it was instituted by coalition forces.


2. The loss of the traditional left wing humanist policies because the right wing gained power through deceit which the Left then adopted as its game plan. This of course pushed the Left wing to the right, which in turned pushed the Right wing further right.

These power plays are the natural playground of the bully and it is little surprising that such conditions encourage the bullies to surface, or the psychopaths to seek the opportunity to follow their inbuilt rule of "whatever it takes."

Neither of these are satisfactory responses to the needs of today's world. As simple as this seems to be, it is also complicated by a number of issues outside the control of the politicians and that just makes them bully their way through the opposition forces, which in turn sets up a retaliation that ends up in bullies circling each other, and then they all adopt the very measures they decry, or fall in a heap of obsequiousness.

This circle of bullies seems to be widening across all nations.

It's a mess.

Cole Probably not the answer you were seeking, but it is my mood at the moment. :spank:


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