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Kristian Dibgy, TV Presenter, dies at 32

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I had never heard of him before this. It is sad.

However, it seems to me to be even sadder in context; nobody there to love and have sex with, so doing things solo, and it goes just a bit too far, with no chance for recovery. How much of this type of thing is actually due to our inability to connect on a personal level with someone for love and partnership? How much of it is due to the ongoing and nearly unrelenting condemnation of same sex relationships, even in 'enlightened' areas?

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It's not the solo act that worries me, after all, as the song HAIR says, "masturbation can be fun,"

No, what worries me more is the adoption of dangerous methods of enhancement of the fun.

These need to be discussed more and without wanting to be frivolous, maybe we should increase the student education in such matters.

However, we would probably have to fight those who maintain abstinence is the only sure way to avoid accidental death.

So I think we do need to contest social attitudes towards sex in general, and also including the healthy pastime of masturbation, but without the life threatening activities.

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I suppose the problem is that I didn't express myself well enough. I meant that while masturbation is fun, some can be dangerous, but it is probably not the route that anyone in a vigorously healthy sexual relationship will be taking. The sad part is not being able to find someone to have that relationship with. (Oh oh. The editor in me is making me spank myself for that last sentence.)

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I suppose not everyone wants a relationship, but then that can be viewed as a sad thing too.


As one of my old flames once said to me, "It is difficult to explain to the lover you have just spent all weekend in bed with, that the excitement of being in a relationship just makes you want to go somewhere alone and masturbate."


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Masturbation: don't knock it - it's sex with someone you love.

Who said that? Woody Allen, perhaps?

There is definitely a Woody involved somewhere in all that.


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