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Worst Ads of All Time

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The other print ads on this site are very, very creepy, sexist, disturbing, or all of the above:


The link above contains photos of near naked female humans, I recommend not bothering going there.

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Oh, I didn't say the ads were gay or all-male -- just that they were strange and disturbing, and funny in a bizarre way.

I posted the one wacky ad that did have some (probably unintentional) gay overtones.

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HoHummm, how bout you all come back with your favorite pic?

Jack Scribe has some of the best pics... :hehe:

Des, you start, OK? If ever a thread needed hijacking, it's one with a woman as a rug.


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:hehe: And to think I actually asked for that....

I must confess I was thinking of equivalent blond-haired-blue-eyed boys to

who would erase all those images of rugs and cleaning supplies, something sweet

perhaps, or tu lips, for Easter....

Do you think that guy tells people about this five minutes of fame? If that was my butt,

you couldn't pay me enough to admit it.

My first response was to howl with laughter, which I likely need more than another pretty face.

Thanks, EJ.


(p.s. am I supposed to get what's in there?)

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I'm of the mind that nothing in advertizing is unintentional, except once when this lwoman was standing with her feet crssed at the ankle, and her foot was facing backwards.

And though I've wondered about them calling it a joystick, I figure the obvious is like that birdie photograhers use so they don't blind the baby with the flash.

The Rifleman thing is almost scary...but i've seen hundreds of ads where if you look too close or think too much, you wonder who they think they're talking to--if its sex that sells, what are those kids doing there?

Are his pants wet, or is that just a shadow? And WTF is that thing where the kids dick is supposed to be? Is it his dick ? Is it hiding his dick from us? Is it hiding something else? If they're doing it on purpose, what exactly is it they're doing?

The closer you look the crazier you look--clever trick, that.

Where do you find these things?


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