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Return of WBMS's Stories

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Two stories have been re-released in celebration of AwesomeDude's (or is it now AwesomeTrevor's) anniversary. The Point and Halfway To Thirty are both available online now in my author's section. I've also updated my biography in case there are people who are curious.

More importantly, to those who may care, is they have been re-written extensively. I've cleaned up some errors, added some new bits, and clarified some things.

This was done without the aid or assistance of editors as I wanted these return of these stories to be a surprise. I hope you enjoy it. I want to thank Dude Trevor for his assistance in bringing these pair of stories back to you.

Not sure if I'll do more or not in the near future, but this is a start of sorts. I have linked below to the original discussion threads so as not to clutter this up with redundancies:

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