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The Same

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There's a voice that's screaming inside me

"Why can't I be the same?"

Like the rest of my generation

Fit into the teenage frame.

They hate me because we're wealthy

The money is not mine.

I don't want the things they buy me.

I just want a bit of their time.

I can't help finding learning so easy

Why am I hated for that?

Why resent me cause I am clever?

It's like hating a guy 'cos he's fat.

I don't like the music you rave to

But I don't make fun of you.

I listen to classic for pleasure

Why does that so upset you?

My sexual feelings confuse me

I don't feel I'm part of the norm

But who can I talk to about it?

Admitting would cause such a storm.

You think that my life is so perfect

Big house and money to spare.

If only you knew what the truth was,

But I doubt that you'd really care.

I hate it that I am so different

I don't like the person I am.

So why do I just go on living,

Yes living a life that's a sham.

You hate me because I am different

But if I do you a fave;

Remove this wart from your presence

Would you come and visit my grave?

I doubt it; I'd still be neglected

A stone carved out with my name.

Like so many else in our churchyard

Unloved, but at last I'm the same.

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What a great piece of work, very accomplished.

You tell your story comprehensively and directly, and it comes across with force. I hope you no longer feel that way - no-one's going to treat you that way here at Awesomedude!

This is the first of your work I've read and I'm much impressed. Thanks for posting!

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