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Remembrances by Codey


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Nicely done, Codey!

If there is a flaw in it, it is that the reader has to know who you are to understand part of the ending. I wasn't sure when I first read it if it was the rememberances of a fictional narrator, but I'm guessing the narrator is you. The references at the end don't make a lot of sense otherwise.

Congratulations! A well written short story. 8)

See? Prose isn't that bad.... :wink:


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I finally got to this story. (so much to read so little time)

Once again Cody as I have written to you in the past, you have a genuine talent - poetry or prose.

It looks at the past in a nostalgic way without being cloy. It also looks to the future with promise. It's obvious that it comes from inside of you - that's what makes all good writing genuine and true.

Keep tapping that source... it won't let you down.


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