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  1. The Pecman is correct about media moving into the digital realm. I feel the issue here isn't if some of these things will exist or not. They certainly will remain to some extent. Books won't completely vanish, neither will other forms of media. To even think so would be foolish, and overly simplistic. There will always be a place for most all types of media as long as there's technology to support them. There are still artists producing art using old polaroid technology, vinyl records won't completely disappear (and as has been stated above are having a small resurgence), some film makers s
  2. Dear TSOI Readers, I don't mind if not all (or even many) of you don't access the audio file. In fact after a quick listen many may chose to continue reading instead of listening to the work. That's really ok with me. Some readers prefer the quiet act of reading. I think it's one of the best ways to stimulate the mind and the imagination. Like adding pictures of characters, the spoken word can violate the images readers have in their minds as to the look and sound of the characters. And that's a bit of a sacred thing between a writer and their readers. I too enjoy the act of reading, but so
  3. Dear TSOI readers, I am engaging an experiment in creating TSOI audio files. An audio file of The Scrolls of Icaria's CHAPTER 33 from Book 2 is currently available on the TSOI CHAPTER PAGE . BE WARNED that if you listen to it without reading any other parts of TSOI you will be opening yourself up for some spoilers. Please let me know what you think, and if it's something that you would like to see regarding past and/or future chapters. Jamie Click HERE
  4. ?& also Chapter 16 of Book 2 of The Scrolls of Icaria for TOSI readers!
  5. Very nice work TR, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It?s amazing how the truth is much more incredible then fiction. I?ve always been amazed that many gays don?t know this true story and I?m glad you brought it to light. The fictional Wizard?s Imperial Legion of Icaria that appears in TSOI is based 100% on the real fighting unit who fought so valiantly that they had to be completely slaughtered in order for them to be defeated. I?ve always held the story of the formation of the Thebian fighting unit and their bravery in high regard, it?s one reason I ?modeled? my own fighting troops on them. It is sa
  6. I enjoyed all of the special and well written Halloween stories in this weeks Awesome Dude posting, but this story was my absolute favorite. Maybe it appeals to my activism, but I thought it was the BEST of all of them. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with all of us. Jamie
  7. Here?s how I look at the issues of ?scrolls? that you bring up. When I first envisioned writing this story the mental image I gave myself was as follows: I set up my mental construct based on the assumption that many years have passed since the time of the original story. In the far distant future, Jamie returning from one of his long voyages visits one of the scholarly academies of Icaria. While there, a young scholar doing research on the formation of Icaria and it's history cautiously approaches him. Although slightly fearful and not wanting to appear bold and forward, the young Icarian ne
  8. Jamie


    Thanks for the feed-back everyone. It makes me glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I did this a while back as a Christmas piece. It was fun to write and although it doesn't have any Icarians in it, it does feature a little boy with wings... funny I always seem to find a way to put wings on my characters.
  9. A delightful and heart warming story. Well written. Just the thing for the holiday season. A great plot twist. Artfully done so the twist wasn't easily guessed or an immediate give-away. I throughly enjoyed it. Thank you
  10. I use adverbs... so take me out and hang me in the town square as an example of what NOT to do!
  11. I STILL say moderation. Nothing wrong with being authentic, don't get me wrong, but if you are trying to reach a wide group make sure they understand what you're saying. The goal of writing is communication (at least that's what my high school creative writing teacher always said). Most writers want people to read and UNDERSTAND their work - the more the better. No? Of course if you're writing for a narrow group (civil war reenactors for example) you better get it all exactly right or they will crucify your inaccuracy and point out each and every mistake. There are anachronisims for authen
  12. The moral of the story... Language is a living thing. We don't speak or write English like they did in the middle ages, or in colonial times. That also goes for other languages... Modern French has evolved from what it was in middle ages or during the French revolution - so have most other living languages. I personally feel a balance needs to be struck... some "archaic" language can be placed into a piece, but each writer must ask what audience they are looking to reach. Sure if you're writing a period piece based on historical accuracy as a "scholarly work" and the majority of readers will
  13. This discussion has moved to one of those philosophical areas where there?s lots of room for disagreement ? the critical evaluation of art. In addition there arises the secondary issue of art produced for it?s own sake or for profit? And is there some how a demarcation that says art produced for cash isn?t as good as art produced to advance the craft. Historically many artists never received the monetary remuneration they deserved in life. We all know Mozart was buried by the city in a pauper?s grave. Yet years after these artists demise their work receives great acclaim or sells for phenomen
  14. Blanket statements serve no purpose other then to offend others - especially in matters of personal taste. Much of art is personal and internal. That's why so much of it exists in so many different forms. You don't have to like it all, but one should be respectful of other's opinions even when they disagree with ours. Jamie
  15. What Bill said - Ditto! ...and one thing I was not clear on: age is no reflection of skill OR maturity. Like Bill I re-evaluate my work every year or so and sometimes I just cringe... but it's all about "becoming" ...so keep writing. Jamie
  16. Questioner, you have posed a great and interesting question to ponder. And as in many a good question responses and opinions can vary widely. Ultimately I don?t think there is a firm right or wrong, good or bad here. But there are quite a few gray areas and more then a few subtle nuances. Graeme?s point about a novice writer producing a work in the first person has merit, since I think many times a new writer may more easily find their own voice by looking through the eyes of one of their characters ? usually the central one in their story. But on the other hand, while I have read my share o
  17. Thanks for the reminder about the essay on criticism for READERS Graeme. I've been working on some other projects lately, but maybe it's time I put pen to paper and punch it out. A little piece on reader etiquette when it comes to criticism sounds good right about now. I know for a fact that most of us don't shy away from criticism or are not afraid of it, but there are positive and negative ways to make a criticism. I think the above exchange proves that. Nathen I don't think you meant to be mean... but it sure came off that way. Please don't be offended yourself by all of this, just reme
  18. James, This is to wish you well and good luck... While no illness or malady is pleasant, the good news is that glaucoma is a treatable disease for the most part... my 83 year old mother has had it since she was in her 50's and still drives her Pontiac Grand Prix... does the daily crossward, runs a large house and cooks up a storm... upon her initial diagnosis we were all very concerned, but as the years have gone on we see how her regeme of a simple and very easy treatment has allowed her to keep her vision and live a full life... Hopefully you will be just like her and no one will ever kn
  19. Cliffhanger or Story Element ? A Matter of Perspective Graeme, I think your topic ? the issue of using or not using a Cliffhanger ? is quite salient. It?s certainly one of those story elements (along with plot, and character development) that can add or distract from a work. It is something authors of serialized pieces need to seriously address when writing a multiple installment story that will be posted over a period of weeks or months. But I also feel that in some instances the term ?Cliffhanger? is in the eye of the beholder. I think WBMS's post in this thread where he states he purposel
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