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Newsweek is going out of business. Evidently not enough people subscribe. I'm one of the few.

This week, in the June 7 edition, they have a story on their back page, which they cutely call their Back Story, about seven prominent conservatives with antigay records who've been involved in gay scandals. The men and their shortcomings listed are George Rekers, Ted Haggard, Roy Ashburn, Mark Foley, Bob Allen and Larry Graig.

Sorry, but I can't find the article on-line yet, so can't link it. Perhaps it'll be up next week. The magazine, however, is available at your favorite newsstands everywhere. Well, everywhere that has it.


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I hope you don't get screwed out of a lot of money. I subscribed to a magazine once, and fell for their 3 year special offer. I paid up, and only a month later they shut down. My money was gone. Lesson learned. I never subscribe for more than a year at a time now, and I don't renew more than 1 month before the expiry of the subscription.

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