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Few of brody's post

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I haven't been on here every day so not sure why brody left ad, and if Im not supposed to post this please remove this .

I found this interesting


Really if ruben lobes his brothers why not voting for it or saying gays bring aids to new york?


good old tea bagers ;)

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I clicked HERE but failed to see any reasoning for boycotting Brody's Blog. Am I missing something?

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Or you can go to the source articles and support the reporter who actually gathered the data.




if you want to find out why I personally don't want to support brody's site, look HERE

I didn't understand it either, Trab. EJ, can you be more specific?


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Give us the thread title so we can search for it. I don't see any issue either (but I may not be looking deep enough).

I agree.

Colin :icon_twisted:

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Found it. "Upon the advice of a very wise gentleman"

Sorry, E.J., I suppose that was rude of me. :icon_twisted::icon_cat:

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