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Tragical Rabbit's Mother's Day Series of Strange Poetry

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#1: Mama's got a headache

Mama?s got a headache

draw the shades

slink like skinks

Mama?s got a headache

shut your mouth

zip that lip

Mama?s got a headache

don?t make noise

don?t be boys

Mama?s got a headache

wake her up and

you?ll be so-rry

Mama?s got a headache



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cheerleader cool,

she couldn?t understand

why her daddy

had to lay on down and die

his hound dog howlin?

while her mama?s hands

went right on

shuckin? them peas

shuckin? them peas

small town sweetheart,

she couldn?t work it out

how her own man

could be so elevator smooth

buttons flashin? Up

always ridin? Down

spineless fool

gotta headache

headache tonight

petty princess,

she learned to live on hate

all the sloppy secrets

eatin? out her heart

chewin? bitter meat

just to taste the gall

still daddy?s girl

she knew her worth

knew her own worth

daddy?s darlin?,

her empty womb bewitched

birthing bottle babies

always glued to books

never catching balls

unworthy offspring

no mother?s milk

just let him cry

just let him cry

cold cassandra,

she?ll never understand

why her life shrank down small

beset by fragile men

finally set adrift

angry amazon

mislaid her pom poms

daddy loves you

sure he loves you


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Thank You

mama took a pencil

and drew me alligators:

lady alligator

with earrings and purse

gentleman lizard

reptilian grin

and a red necktie

mama read me stories:

?saunday comin? along?

gory brothers grimm and

way up on olympus

spiteful goddesses

haughty pagan gods

and edgar allan poe

mama made me biscuits

rolling dough each morning

flour on her fingernails

punching out circles

that puffed up in the heat

flaky and delicious

with ribbon cane syrup

mama washed and dressed me

taught me to tie my shoes

brushed down my cowlicks

gave me lunch money

extra for ice cream

and all that other stuff

without a thank you


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