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'Jessie' stories

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Merkin, I just want to congratulate you on two wonderful short stories, Jessie's Year and Jessie's Loss. Both stories are so poignant and heartfelt. I love the wonderful characters you've created. Kudos, and I hope there will be more stories to come in the series. :hehe:

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FYI, in Jessie's Loss there is mention of a beautiful Louis Comfort Tiffany window in the Unitarian-Universalist Meetinghouse on North Pleasant, which is in Amherst, MA. Now I'm going to have to make it a point to stop to see it the next time I'm in Amherst. Titled Angel of the Lilies and dating from 1889, it looks like it must be extraordinary. For those who haven't been to Amherst, it's located in the western part of the state and is home of the University of Massachusetts as well as, not surprisingly, Amherst College.


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That's the one. Good sleuthing, Altimexis. I must confess I've only been in Amherst a few times, years ago, but I thought the Pioneer Valley would be a lovely setting for Jesse to grow up within. It's distance from Boston will figure in a later story.

Thanks to you and Cole for your kind comments.


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