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Another excellent young talent - Caleb Barnes

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Hey, it's great to hear someone else listens to From the Top. I love that show! I didn't hear it this week, so missed this singer, but I do listen when I can. Wonderful, amazing young talent is featured every week. And you can hear them talk. Mostly, they have more poise than I do.

Of course, that's not saying much.


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I fell in love with the sound of the countertenor when I was working in a stage production of The Play of Daniel. I was just a sweet 16 year old. (No I wasn't singing, I was working back stage. On stage Alfred Dellar was making wonderful sounds.

The Australian Graham Pushee is my current favourite and can be heard here in a montage of scenes from The Australian Opera production of Julius Caesar by Handel.

Further excerpts from his work are on

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