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Cole Parker

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It gets better?

Maybe the next step to make it so would be some criminal prosecution of parents who reject or abuse their children. Probably not. Then there'd just be even more people in jail. Obviously the only thing that will work is breaking the attitude barrier, but rather than helping, churches seem to be doing their level best to make it worse.

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Thanks, Cole, for the article. This is a multi-layered story. Beyond the disturbing rejection/abuse/disenfranchisement of GBLT teens by family and classmates, the separate problem of steet people in L.A. (and other warmer climates) looms. With L.A., kids of all flavors are drawn there because of glamour - real and imagined. The homeless - gay or straight - become prey to the letcherous segment of that city. Add drugs to the mix and it's not a very pretty picture.

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Jack, the problem of homeless people is NOT limited to warmer climes. Up north each winter we have people literally freezing to death, although it is pretty much limited to those who absolutely refuse to come into the shelters.

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