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The Behold of the Eye


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The imagination is a strange and wondrous thing, and appears to be unique to each of us in our use of it. How that should be is conclusively made clear in this delicious coming-of-age tale, "The Behold of the Eye" by Hal Duncan. Duncan?s lovely take on the work of a faery on behalf of his Behold first appeared online in Lone Star Stories, a no-longer published webzine for speculative fiction and poetry, and fortunately has gone on to wider circulation as part of the collection presented in Unplugged, The Web?s Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2008 Download (Wyrm, 2009). If you missed it in either location I urge you to look at it now. This charming, readable fantasy will give you a whole new slant on how we cope with our fondest memories, our obsessions, and our desires.


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