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Musical Criticism

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Watching this, one has to be impressed at how well the conductor performs. He's obviously done his homework; he anticipates crescendos and decrescendos and tempi changes, and thoroughly shows with his body langauge what emotions he'd like from his orchestra.

His knowledge of an entire syphonic movement is thorough, and his technique difficult to argue with. I've played for many a conductor who could take lessons from this guy.

I guarantee, if you watch this all the way through, you'll end up laughing. You won't be able to help yourslef.



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Yay what a great kid. I spent my childhood doing that to my grandfather's 78 rpm. records.

If this kid doesn't study music and become the world's greatest conductor then there is no justice.

Thank you so much Cole, for posting that, I needed the lift that this joy brought to me.

:icon_geek: <--- me conducting.

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