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Hey readers, I could use some help. Back in December while I was on winter break from college, I stumbled upon an erotic gay story, began reading, was called away from the computer for an extended time and forgot to bookmark the site. I know, doofus. Here's the plot line up to the place I stopped reading....

An older man is in touch with an old friend who is in the high-tech industry, specifically the creation of androids... artificial intellegence... robots... and the friend gets him to "test" an android boy. They apparently programed the droid to "believe" his parents had been killed in some disaster (can't remember how) and that the guy was his uncle. A relationship developes between the boy and his "uncle" and it goes on from there....

I'm not usually interested in inter-generational themes, but this particular story was very well written, and I thought the plot had possibilities. While reading the first few installments I could only think about Haley Joel Osmet in Spielberg's "A.I."

I have tried searching for the story with various combinations of words, and haven't been lucky. Time is limited this semester, and other things are pressing, so I'm hoping one reader might have read the same story and can offer some help.

Many thanks!


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I remember this story (which was unfinished). Interesting to reflect that futurists like Ray Kozweil are predicting that man and machine will merge by 2045 in an event called "The Singularity." (With my luck, it'll be running a Microsoft-based operating system, and we'll all experience the dreaded blue screen of death.)

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M.A.R.C. Is this the story your looking for

FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for this reply. Once I saw the title, all the things fell into place. My brothers and I were thinking of going to Washington for the day over winter break, and I was looking for the MARC train schedules (the local non-Amtrak services we have here) and somehow got this story! I can't believe I didn't remember the chain of events.

Thanks again!


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