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Newt Gingrich


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Newt Gingrich. Isn't he typical of what we have from that side of the aisle? He gets caught with his pants down, but wants to preach morality to the rest of us. He'd be the perfect candidate, I'll admit that: he doesn't care a lick for anything but his own ambitions, and will do and say anything, no matter how hypocritical, to get into the White House.

He is a little easier to see through than some of them.


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EJ- that cartoon is awesome! Newt doesn't realize it but his own conduct on the matter of marriage has done more for our cause that the Human Rights Campaign.

In praise of Newt- he did good work with the Contract with America in the early nineties.

It's just he's old school. He takes a wack at the gay pinata almost like its a reflex.

He should hang more with the fiscal conservatives, libertarians and less with the religious-tards.

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He should hang more with the fiscal conservatives, libertarians and less with the religious-tards.

Yet, herein lies the problem. 2010 was the election of the Tea Party, where they managed to get huge numbers of 'fiscal conservatives' elected. People like Scott Walker, John Kasich, Michelle Bachman, and Allen West.

What have they done in the first four months of their term?

1. Introduce abortion laws to eliminate abortions as much as possible.

2. Take away collective bargaining rights, attempting to return us to the days when the work week was six days, children worked in factories instead of going to schools, and people were paid whatever the owner felt like (not to mention a total lack of any real workplace safety laws).

3. Introduce legislation in several states to strengthen DOMA laws, take away domestic partnership benefits, and also block removing sodomy laws from the books.

I could probably put more items in the list than these, but they make the point: Since their election via a campaign focused almost solely on 'fiscal' issues, running as fiscal conservatives, their major achievements since getting elected are all about social issues. People like Newt and every other candidate we've seen so far on the Republican side might give lip service to the concept of being libertarian, or fiscal conservative, but once in office they will be like all the rest and go after abortion, gays, and unions (usually in that order).

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