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Bruin Fisher

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If you need an FTP client, and if you use Firefox, then the FireFTP client addon is likely the best software for your purpose. It's free and always has been, but its developer, a young man called Mime Cuvalo, originally from Eastern Europe but now resident in the USA I think, suggests a donation. Until recently, he promised that 50% of the donation would go to orphanages in Eastern Europe, and the other 50% would go towards his further development of the program. However, he's recently been headhunted by Mozilla, who guide the development of Firefox itself, and has now announced that whle 50% of any donation will still be going to the orphanages, the other 50% will now go towards supporting LGBT rights.


Don't you just want to hug him?

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Someone elsewhere had said they were having trouble with FF6 not recognizing FireFTP, and so I had recommended FileZilla, also free and open source.

But for being hired by a fine browser (there are other fine browsers too) and for concern for a very real need for Eastern European kids, and for supporting LGBT rights, I think I should suggest that member would do well to be patient with FireFTP. I had tried FireFTP, and perhaps I should again try it. Good for its developer.

Slightly related, several Russian designers are doing very good font (typeface) design work that is gaining use internationally, including in the USA. Freedom is a very fine thing indeed. I hope we in the West do not forget that.

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