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Something Positive - Gay Kiss in HS Play


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That's great, and it's also great to hear how the students are, for the most part, strongly supporting the play and its content in their school.

As for the bald guy in the news report. Yeah. The effect of the media's desperate need to try and "present both sides" of every issue, by finding someone to talk for and against every issue covered, without context, without facts, without evidence or knowledge, and presenting each and every issue in such a way to make it sound like both sounds are equally valid and equally represented. When they're quite simply not.

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I like two things about the bald headed guy.

  1. His awful painted-on smile. I thought it was funny. It made him look as stupid as he sounded.
  2. That he got one Q&A session and the woman got two.
  3. That the name of his organization is the Family Institute of Connecticut. These homophobic hate groups always have to have the word "Family" in their name.

Okay, so that's three things. But you have to agree that all three of them make him look like the hate monger that he actually is.

Colin :angry:

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