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Conan O'Brien to Officiate Gay Wedding on TV

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This is NOT a good thing. The rap on gay marriage is that it cheapens all marriages. When you have a 2nd rate comedian conducting a gay marriage, it plays right into the hands of our critics.

Wait a minute -- there is a precedent for this. Johnny Carson was there in 1969 when Tiny Tim married wife Miss Vicky. Oh, wait... I guess that didn't end too well.

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I was going to ask if he was qualified to officiate a legal marriage. I guess he is. He was ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery. Just ask. They'll ordain anyone...free of charge! Hmmm, maybe I should become a minister too. You can't swing a cat in Alabama without hitting a minister, pastor, reverend, or whatever!

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The danger is that the whole thing will be a goof. Hard to say with Conan -- but I'm told he's actually very nice to his staffers, and maybe this episode won't be a farce.

I'm sorry to see Conan's ratings go down these days. Half the time, I forget that his show is even on, and I don't watch. On the rare occasions I do watch, the shows are pretty decent.

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I think it came off pretty well, and dignified enough, especially since Conan seemed to stay out of it once things got started and let the principals be the focus.

Video here:


PS Only worry was that the audience did actually snicker when Conan mentioned the Universal Life Church.

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