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April Fools' Day, My Ass!


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April Fools' Day, My Ass!

by R. J. Santos

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

So, imagine my shock when I came home to clothes, two sets of them, scattered across the living room of the apartment I shared with my boyfriend, making a trail that led to our bedroom. I thought that picture right there was worth a million words. But try as I might, my jumbled mess of a mind couldn't come up with even one.

I stood frozen at the door for a moment, just unable to think of what to do, until I heard a crash from inside the bedroom followed by laughter. My shock instantly burned into anger, recognizing the owner of the other voice. And though I was naturally a coward, I found myself nearly unhinging the door to our bedroom.

"They're naked", was the first thought in my mind upon entering the room, immediately followed by a couple of homicidal ones. They were quick to cover themselves up with blankets though, before laughing and screaming "APRIL FOOLS' DAY!" at the top of their lungs.

I was just totally and utterly aghast.

Then, I was angrily striding across the room and picking up the other guy, my brother, by his armpits. "April Fools' Day, my ass!" I told him, before knocking him back down the bed with a punch.

I threw my boyfriend a look before slamming shut each door I came into contact with on my way out of the apartment.
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