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Dead Boyfriends-a poem by TR

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Dead Boyfriends

The roses grow so beautifully

Along the garden wall

The daisies in the center

Seem to need no care at all.

White lilies grace the pathway

Where I take my morning walk

The tulips rise majestically

And almost seem to talk.

The beds are soft and fertile

The water pure and sweet

All the best of everything

Down to the earth beneath my feet.

My flowers are deserving

And my garden, my delight

I bring them their fertilizer

In the middle of the night.

The best and richest nutrient

And as I bury it down deep

I murmur softly to my flowers

And sing you both to sleep.


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Well, I guess this comes under the heading "When life gives you lemons." It beats freezedrying them and using them as doorstops, which was always my first impulse.

I loved the mock-serious tone here, and how well it matches the use of elevated language and the formal form. Sort of an Addams Family fantasy...I hope it's a fantasy, anyway.



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