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How if feels some days to try to write

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Yippee! Go kitty!

So, Cole, you're saying some days, you feel like a giddy little kitten having a grand time on a slide?

Oh, you're saying sometimes, it feels like a lot of running uphill and not getting much of anywhere, sorta frustrating-like?

Uh-huh, tell me about it. My house is a mess, won't be clean by Christmas if anyone shows up. (Only one set of relatives might.) I have several ideas percolating in fiction and a couple of essays, but hardly anything got on paper, er, on screen, this weekend or today. The entry for a story challenge has had a few false starts and I'm still hoping inspiration (or a half-baked idea) will show up soon.

So yeah, I feel your pain. -- Then again, you could always go try to lick yourself.... (Hey, ya never know!) :lol:

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