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The Sin and The Sorrow

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The Sin & The Sorrow

Life is the sin and the sorrow,

The temptation and the taste;

Gazing afar to yon tomorrow

While today wings by in waste.

Born bright is he the Risen

Born clean are those who Fall;

Life’s beating hearts imprison

Each – yet none at all.

The grief of Life, it makes us Kin

So why does it not make us Kind?

At War are brothers ‘neath the skin,

Living eyes must be born blind.

To Live is to be fearful

To Love to be brave;

Must all our days be tearful,

Weeping down unto the grave?

Trouble not foreign parts with envious arts,

Covet no one man’s prize and strive;

For we each stride in step with hurting hearts

And none come out alive.


on the occasion of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

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