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Let me be the first...

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...to beg, er, ask for editors.

Aaron does a great job of keeping me honest, but I like having more than one set of eyes on a piece of work because each editor keys in on certain facets of the writing.

The person who was the real butcher of my work has been detained by real life for quite a while, and I'm at a crucial juncture in the story, so I need input.

There are approximately 200 pages to be edited so far.

Any takers?

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Isn't that talonrider just the sweetest thing? someday, somone will say that to me....



ROFLMAO Thanks aj. I didn't realize I made a double meaning comment. Besides being one of my favorite authors, I also consider him a friend.

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You know I'm always willing if you want me, Dewey.

Nice to know Dewey's so luvable. :smt049

Y'know, I really need to work on finding someone who'd say that to me. :smt049

:thud: Awww.

...Um, I seem to remember I have something sitting on the back burner to read, proof, and edit for someone. Oops. I hope it hasn't turned into goo on that back burner. I'll get it back in the queue...

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