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He doesn't look Jewish, I think its...

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Do we credit Hollywood for this prevailing stereotype of what Jesus looked like? There are so many to choose among: Max von Sydow, the hippy Jesus; Christian Bale, whose only qualification seemed to be his first name; Jeffrey Hunter, the blue- eyed blond Jesus (woo woo). There have been several others who wore the white bathrobe but I think the honors for the stereotype must be shared between Robert Powell and Jim Caviezel--one of these fellas must be our underwater Jesus. It's hard to tell, since he's holding his breath and turning a bit blue..

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I am Not Jesus!

Although I have heard people say to me, "Thank you, that was Heavenly."

My Chinese herbal medicine guy has a photo (?) of Jesus on the wall of his consulting rooms. The Jesus in the photo has the usual crown of thorns but what gets me are the Asian eyes. Bizarre to say the least.

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