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I don't think he said it's stupendously awesome.

But it's frikkin' awesome!

I believe the words "nerdgasm" and "fangasm" apply here. (Don't blame me, I didn't invent the words.)

Hmm, it may not do anything towards world problems, at least not directly, but it gives us the chance to see some things that are...frikkin' awesome!...and that might solve one or two other things indirectly.

No, you cannot use it to look in your neighbor's window. If you want to do that, why not just ask the neighbor for a look? (Hey, he'll either smack you or say yes. Maybe.) (OK, try that at your own risk. I wasn't too serious.)

Extra points for the hoodie, the shelves full to overflowing with books, and the unkempt hair. I sense a grad student.

He also used the word suck several times, but in a negative way. Darn.

OMG, it's frikkin' stupendously ginormously awesome, dude!

Yeah, the service calls must be somethin' else. And you thought that last home repair bill was bad!

But it's still awesome! Awesomer? Awesomest! Mega-Uber-Awesome, Dude.

Excuse me. He was talking all geeky. I feel a little tingly....

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