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All My Old Boyfriends-a TR poem

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All My Old Boyfriends

If I took all my old boyfriends

And stacked them way up high,

Pairs of feet atop of shoulders,

I?d build a tower to the sky.

That big skyscraper might wobble

And topple to earth soon,

But before it all had crumpled

It would have reached up to the moon.

If I took up those old lovers,

Then laid them end to end,

My willy would be exhausted

And might take several days to mend.


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LOL, thats way cool, hehe :-D

Haha, thanks and welcome to AD, DJ. For more of my insane humor (in verse), you can try: 'Dead Boyfriends', 'Ode to a Wilted Trojan', 'You Are So Cold' and 'My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose'. If they aren't all here, they're definitely at www.tragicrabbit.org in the Poetry section. Also on that site are Codey's poems and things. My favorite of his is the Unicorn one...



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