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Health Care Upheld!

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America remains in the 21st Century (almost)! The US Supreme Court has upheld President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, including the Individual Mandate, coverage of pre-existing conditions, and no life-time limits on benefits! Only the requirement for states to participate in expanding Medicaid for the poor was struck down. That is unfortunate because the poor in America need that the most, but at least the Court has upheld the law! What is most shocking is that Bush appointee Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberals and the moderate, Anthony Kennedy, sided with the conservatives. Good news. Think of the millions of lives that may be saved by this decision.

Of course, if America were truly civilized, we would follow Europe and every other industrialized nation on earth and recognize that health care is a right and not a luxury, as the Republicans seem to think, but this is still a good day for America!

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I'm very glad about this as well. A buddy of mine has full health care in Massachusetts (courtesy of former Governor Romney), and it's saved his life a couple of times. At the moment, my partner and I have no health insurance, and we're just hanging on. Obamacare would help out quite a bit.

I'm astounded that the major conservatives don't grasp how important this is, and why so many other civilized countries around the world (including Canada and England) have had socialized medicine for years. It's not ideal, and there are drawbacks, but it does far more good than bad.

The only reason they dislike it -- in my opinion -- is 1) they feel that undocumented workers and welfare recipients are going to take advantage of the system to get free medical care, and 2) it's another tax. To me, the program will help more than enough people to make it worthwhile.

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Oh, Canada! Our home and native land...

Oh, my. I just read the French version. A carton of bras, saltpeter, and lepers? A ton of history is one eye-popper, Plus Des's brilliant exploits? Sometimes I wonder about Wikipedia... (perhaps I should repost this particlar posting to another, more appropriate section).

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