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Aaron got caught with his pants down

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I can't believe it! During all of the times I went over Chapter 2 of Ryan Keith's "Kayden and Zac" I didn't catch that huge blooper that is now right here at AD on the home page. Dude quoted from the story: "He's rather have something..."

Billy noticed that this morning and showed it to me. It jumped out at me and made my head throb. It danced around and laughed at me. My dad uses that old saying about getting caught with your pants down. I feel like I've been caught, big time.

Sometimes after a chapter has been posted I find little things I've missed, but this one made the front page. :p

We corrected it on our site and I've asked Dude to correct it here and Bubba to correct it at DeweyWriter. I'm embarrassed, but I have to remember that somethng Drake told me a long time ago is true. Editing can be a never-ending process. That blooper was a proofing goof, though, not really an editing gaffe.

Cheers, everyone,

Aaron -- back from vacation and back to editing

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I think the ratio of my mistakes you fix and the ones I find in your edits is about 200:1, so don't feel bad about it.

Hey, I've even started spotting typo's in published novels that I read! It happens....


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Not to worry, aaron--we're not pulling your license this time.

Seriously though, I've had errors like that show up in my stuff too. It's just part of the game...nobody is perfect, and we shouldn't expect that we will be. I--yes, even I--have been offered an editorial service for my forum posts (at a very reasonable rate, I might add) because I make silly mistakes and don't catch them.

And it would figure that the one blooper in the whole lot would be the one that would make it to the main page, huh? I feel your pain... :D :shock:



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My dad uses that old saying about getting caught with your pants down. I feel like I've been caught, big time.

I was told by a friend of mine who recently published a book through Houghton-Miflin that they have five different people read through the galleys over a weekend to weed out every last typo before it's sent off to the printers. And even then, you still see professionally-published books today with typos. That almost never happened in the 1960s or 1970s. I blame a lack of education and care, and it's a sad sign of the times.

I think I saw a typo in the American edition of Harry Potter book 5, but I think it was just an omitted period. The current book has no typos, but it does have a ton of run-on sentences and weird grammar. Too many Britishisms for me, and I'm usually immune to that stuff.

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